Pad and fan

The pad and fan cooling system is a so called evaporating cooling system, widely used to cool greenhouses in hot & dry regions.

Desert Cooling Systems

For desert climates, pad and fan cooling is an absolute must to obtain a better environment for the plants. Fully automatic controlled pad and fan systems are available in any capacity.


This system operates by installing a pad wall on one side of the greenhouse and fans in the opposite wall. Cooled water will run through the pad wall  and the fans on the other side will pull air inside the greenhouse which results in a cooler climate.

Based on the basic physical principle of adiabatic cooling, the pad and fan system provides the perfect combination of usability, reliability and low running costs, thus becoming the greenest solution ever to solve the problem of excessive heat in large environments.

The pad and fan system is a good solution to lower temperatures inside greenhouses, not just in desert climates but also in generally warmer climates where cooling is required or desired.