AP Holland has all the in-house knowledge to deliver and install complete heating systems.

Several types of greenhouse heating systems can be installed, tailor-made to comply with any climate.

Modern hot water boilers with efficient gas and/or oil burners, in combination with  adequately designed pump and pipe systems, and a heat storage tank guarantee a low energy consumption. Resulting into a reliable system operation and a minimum of maintenance.

For milder climates a variety of direct or indirect air heaters are available.

With our experience we can provide you expert advice on which type of
installation is best for your project and with our in-house specialists, we are a reliable partner with short lines of communication.

The optimal integration of technology is our expertise, even when it concerns when it concerns the more complex heating installations, such as the integration of CHP or locally available geothermal water.

As a turn-key constructor we provide the advantage that a greenhouse and its heating installations are aligned perfectly.