Boiler room

The boiler room is the heart of any greenhouse project and should be well- designed to make your project succeed. Since climate data vary around the world, the best possible solution for each individual project will be carefully  worked out by our in-house specialists.

The boiler room picture above has been designed for a project of 15 hectares in Russia by our team of technicians and installed under supervision of our technical management together with local subcontractors.


When a gas fired boiler is producing heat, it automatically produces CO². This CO² usually just flies out of the chimney. 

By installing a condenser behind the boiler, the CO² can be contained and used to stimulate crop growth. A ventilator will divert the CO² through PVC pipes into the greenhouse, where these pipes connect to transparent hoses with small holes. The hoses are positioned underneath the hanging gutters along the plant beds, so that the CO² is evenly distributed throughout the production department.


The pipe distribution system will be designed in accordance with the two-pipe TICHELMANN principle with pump circulation.

This design principle assures an equal division and distribution of the water flow through all pipe loops in the greenhouse bays, by equalising the total length of every single pipe loop.

This configuration of the pipe distribution net results in a homogeneous air temperature over the total area of each growing department.

The hot water which comes from the boiler will be transported through the distribution- or transport groups to the different heating groups of the greenhouse heating system.