Greenhouse heating system

Inside the greenhouse there are various types of heating groups with different water temperatures running through the heating pipes.

Tube rail heating is the main heating system; it is a double pipe system  installed in between the growing gutters on special brackets on the ground. This source of heating also functions as transport rails for the specially designed trolleys that are used inside the greenhouse for maintenance, crop collection, etc.

The grow heating system is a single pipe system which is hung above the hanging gutter system to control the temperature around the crops.

If more heating is required to achieve the right temperature inside the greenhouse, a monorail heating system can be installed which will hang above the crops directly under the trellis girder.

If there is a risk of heavy snow conditions we can design and install a so called snow heating system, which will be positioned along the roof gutters of the greenhouse, above the screen. This separate heating group will melt the snow off the roof while the screens can remain closed. This also helps to save on energy costs during the expensive wintertime.