Water storage


For collection and storage of rainwater from the greenhouse, AP Holland can deliver water basins from 5.000m³ up to 50.000m³, depending on the requirements of any specific greenhouse project.


Storage tanks

For the storage of water up to 1.726 m³ in a relatively small space AP Holland offers water storage tanks.

These tanks have been designed for easy assembly inside or outside the greenhouse and have demonstrated their durability over the years. The storage tanks can withstand both the highest summer temperatures and very cold winters.

The tanks are delivered as prefab kits and consist of carefully manufactured and hot dipped galvanized corrugated sheets, with a double row of pre-punched holes, for a perfect fit and easy installation.

For the inside of the tank, we deliver protective felts and PVC or PE lining with reinforcement along the top edge. Various anti-algae covers are also available.

Our tanks are delivered with a clear instruction manual for installation.



We can offer 82 sizes, from 4 m³ right up to 1,726 m³. Tanks are available in five heights: 1.72 m, 2.54 m, 3.38 m,4.22 m and 5.06 m. Diameters from 1.85 m to 25.50 m.