AP Holland

More return on your investment

The Netherlands is well-known for combining horticultural technology and cultivation expertise. No coincidence therefore that most greenhouse horticultural projects throughout the world originate in The Netherlands. AP Holland is leading the way in this combination of technology and expertise. We have over 40 years of experience in this field. We develop and realize international horticultural projects with a focus on the future. And all our projects have the same goal: to ensure safe and responsible production whilst maximizing returns for you.

From our headquarters in De Lier, in the heart of the Westland horticulture area, we monitor the latest developments in greenhouse horticulture. New technologies and innovative systems quickly find their way to our customers all over the world.

State-of-the-art technology

Together with our specialist partners, we take care of your project from concept to completion. And, more importantly, with the top high-tech applications available on the market.

We are familiar with all modern horticultural techniques and systems. We integrate the most innovative applications; greenhouse, screening, heating, irrigation, lighting, and automation to ensure that you are well-equipped for the future.

Our future-proof projects not only meet your requirements in terms of return on investment, but also those in terms of quality, safety, and sustainability. And these factors will only become more important in the future.

Sustainable and energy-efficient

At AP Holland, investing in a future-proof project means preparing for a sustainable future. Energy plays an important role in this.

In our greenhouse horticultural projects, we maximize energy efficiency to ensure consumption does not harm the earth unnecessarily. Heating concepts are tailored to your crop and your local situation. Screen installations prevent unnecessary heat loss and light pollution. And we use water – a natural resource that is becoming increasingly scarce in many regions – sparingly. Intelligent water systems strike the right balance between optimum cultivation and maximum water conservation.

Support from A to Z:

We take care of project coordination and construction

AP Holland keeps it simple: your project will be completed ready for use (turnkey approach). We take care of the entire process – from engineering and development to realization. If specialists are required during the construction, such as for the technical installations, we can count on our network of specialist partners. Construction is always carried out under our supervision, with or without the involvement of local construction teams.

We support you from A to Z, throughout the entire project, to ensure the best result. Do you have the knowledge to supervise the project yourself, and do you only need our help with purchasing supplies? We would be more than happy to share our market knowledge with you.

Our mission and vision

We help entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector to achieve better results for crops cultivated under glass by sharing our knowledge and supplying high-quality technology.

That's our mission. In order to be able to develop and supply the best technology for greenhouse horticulture, in-depth knowledge is required of the challenges faced every day by entrepreneurs all over the world. We have this knowledge, which means we can provide our customers with the best possible service. Not only do we supply state-of-the-art technology, we also provide the technology that is tailored perfectly to the needs of each individual company. This enables you to make maximum use of the systems, equipment, and automation.

Whether it's low-tech, mid-tech, or high-tech: with AP Holland, you may rest assured of a solution that is 100% tailor-made for your company. Now and in the future.

Looking for maximum return on investment in greenhouse horticulture?