Cultivation systems

Which cultivation system is best for your business?

AP Holland is more than just a partner with knowledge of the hardware, such as greenhouses and technical installations. Our expertise goes much further than that – we are also experts in cultivation systems.

Our advice is customized to your requirements and crops, and will enable you to get off to a flying start.

Growing on rock wool

Using rock wool for growing has surpassed traditional cultivation in soil for decades now.

And there are plenty of advantages:

  • Yields increase by as much as 50%.
  • Growing crops in rock wool mats is easy to control.
  • Water and valuable nutrients can be collected and re-used.

A rock wool cultivation system gives you the peace of mind that the plants will get the water and nutrition they need. Would you prefer to use coconut coir or another substrate? We would be happy to share our expertise with you.

Rolling benches

For companies that specialize in the cultivation of young plants in particular, rolling bench systems are usually the best method. Rolling benches ensure that the space is used as efficiently as possible and that plants can be transported quickly and efficiently through the greenhouse or to the processing area.

AP Holland offers several systems, such as fixed tables, rolling tables, and rolling container systems. We also supply specially designed and easy-to-assemble prefabricated systems, which means you can save a lot on transportation costs.

Floating lettuce or herb crops

Floating crops are so clean that they can be packaged and consumed immediately.

This innovative way of growing generates an impressive increase in production volume and reduces production costs.

  • You use less water
  • You use less fertilizer
  • You use less energy
  • You need a smaller cultivation area

Clean, reliable, and sustainable. Fully in accordance with AP Holland’s vision.

Growing gutter systems

Over the years many cultivation methods have been used in the horticultural sector – from growing under basic flat pane constructions to high-tech Venlo greenhouses and from growing in soil to much more hygienic and less labour-intensive floating hydroponics.

The innovative growing gutter systems, ideal for a wide range of crops, such as vegetables, soft fruit, cut flowers, medicinal cannabis, leaf vegetables, and herbs, are another good example.

Whatever you grow, AP Holland can help you get the best out of your crops.

Cannabis in a greenhouse

AP Holland can also assist you if you want to grow cannabis in a greenhouse. Cannabis can be grown in greenhouses for medicinal and recreational purposes.

At AP Holland, we focus on greenhouses for medicinal cannabis. In the United States and Canada, we have designed a number of advanced projects with state-of-the-art installations to grow high-quality cannabis under conditioned, hygienic conditions.

Looking for maximum return on investment in greenhouse horticulture?