Climate control

Maximum control over your crops with AP Holland

Is it possible to control crop growth? Well, yes, it is – provided you use the right equipment and installations for climate control. AP Holland is an expert in this field. We have experience with all the latest brands of climate computers and systems for controlling the climate in greenhouses.

Climate computers

The climate in greenhouses is controlled by a climate computer that automatically controls and registers all the processes in a greenhouse, such as temperature, CO2, and artificial lighting. Computer systems for the greenhouse horticulture sector are designed to be able to process this large amount of registered data and to guarantee optimal cultivation. But, importantly, they are also very easy to use – AP Holland selects their systems with care.

Operation with smartphones
Use of smartphones to control the system has become increasingly commonplace.  As a grower or crop manager you can monitor the climate at any time of the day. It is also much easier to analyse data to further fine-tune your cultivation strategy.

Fog systems

Crop growth is regulated by evaporating water, which means that the level of humidity in the greenhouse is particularly important. High-pressure fog systems allow you to optimally control the humidity to facilitate the absorption of moisture by the leaves.

The greatest advantage of a fog system over a sprinkler system is that it uses much less water – the same effect for the crop can be achieved with a considerably smaller droplet size. You will achieve significant water savings. And because you open the air vents less often when you have a fog system, valuable CO2 also remains in the greenhouse.

Pad&fan systems

In warm, dry climates you need to pay extra attention to cooling the greenhouse. A frequently used – and effective – system is the combination of pads and fans: pads on one side of the greenhouse, fans on the other side.

Cooled water runs through the pads and the fans set the air in motion, circulating cold air through the greenhouse. A pad & fan system is a reliable and cost-effective solution for protecting the crop and ensuring optimal growth.

Assimilation lighting

Sometimes, the degree of light in the greenhouse is not sufficient to stimulate crop growth. This is when an artificial light installation is necessary. Assimilation lighting can adjust the light to the desired level on those darker days of the year, resulting in a higher yield and better quality crop.

For the use of artificial light it is paramount to find the right balance between the parameters, such as light intensity, the type of lamps, reflectors, and the best place to install the lights in the greenhouse. Our engineers can calculate this for you. We can also take care of the installation process as well as maintenance of the system, to ensure you have and keep the right light intensity – both now and in the future.

Climate Controlled Cultivation (CCC)

There are huge differences in climate conditions around the world. This is why, in addition to the traditional, conventional greenhouse, 'closed greenhouse systems' have also been developed. These are greenhouses that do not come with standard roof ventilation systems, resulting in overpressure in the greenhouse, which will keep disease and pest under control. Of all the options available on the market, AP Holland implements the Climate-Controlled Cultivation (CCC) system. By circulating natural, hot or cold air, you can create any climate required in the greenhouse, even under the most extreme conditions.

CCC greenhouse with pad walls

The CCC greenhouse with pad walls is a closed greenhouse system, based on the pad & fan systems which have been used in the greenhouse horticulture sector for many years. The system has been refined to create consistent climate conditions in the greenhouse. You can save a lot of energy with the integrated climate control by optimizing the air flow inside the greenhouse, possibly with the intake of outdoor air via the gables. This circulation of air also allows you to control the humidity levels. There are very few air vents in the roof of the greenhouse, which means you can also reduce your CO2 consumption. It is also possible to use energy-efficient, natural cooling systems when the humidity of the outside air remains below around 60%.

CCC greenhouse with climate system

The CCC greenhouse with climate system has integrated climate control. The system controls the climate by circulating cold or warm water through a closed water system. By controlling the air flow, you can create ideal growing conditions in the greenhouse. Natural sources of cold or heat can be implemented in this system in an energy-efficient way. AP Holland can also implement conventional cooling and heating systems. We can create the ideal climate for you, wherever your are.    

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