Greenhouse constructions

Your greenhouse, a future-proof investment

The greenhouse is the heart of every horticultural business. And whatever type it is – Venlo, semi-closed, plastic, or cabrio – as a businessman you want the peace of mind that your investment in the greenhouse is future-proof. AP Holland builds greenhouses according to the latest technologies on light and air. Greenhouses that are perfectly suited for your crop and cultivation techniques and generate returns for years to come.

The greenhouse as such has undergone a major transformation in recent years. By choosing AP Holland, you know that your project will be implemented in line with the latest standards. As an international greenhouse builder, we are well aware of the demands that different climates have on greenhouses. And we are happy to share this knowledge with you. Besides building your greenhouse, we also ensure that all the installations and systems in your greenhouse are integrated seamlessly.


Venlo greenhouse

The conventional Venlo greenhouse is still the most popular type of greenhouse, usually with an 8-metre trellis with two 4-metre roofs, but other dimensions are also commonplace.

The Venlo model is a multifunctional greenhouse that is used all over the world thanks to its versatility. The light in the greenhouses has increased over the years due to the use of increasingly thinner profiles. It also has excellent ventilation in order to improve climate control.

More economical use of energy:

Semi-closed greenhouse

The semi-closed greenhouse arose from the need to save energy.

A new type of greenhouse was developed, based on the Venlo construction, that is more energy-efficient and also operates in warm and humid climates by controlling the outside air. Diseases and pests are also less likely to occur due to overpressure, which represents a major step towards stimulating organic cultivation and reducing the use of pesticides.

The system can be designed using both natural and mechanical heating and cooling and can therefore be used in all climates. 

Optimal ventilation:

Foil-covered greenhouses

Foil-covered greenhouses – with plastic roof – can be an excellent alternative for glass greenhouses. This type of greenhouse is particularly well-suited for the Middle Eastern climate.

AP Holland develops greenhouses with a trapezoidal roof made of high-quality and UV-resistant PVC, thus ensuring optimum ventilation. The use of double-layer film leads to energy savings under both hot and cold climate conditions. As with glass greenhouses, the full range of technical installations can be used.

Maximum air flow:

Cabrio Greenhouse

For crops that require a maximum air flow, AP Holland can offer the cabrio greenhouse. A unique feature of this type of greenhouse is that it is possible to open the air vents almost vertically, ensuring optimal intake circulation of air in the greenhouse.

This 'convertible' greenhouse is mainly used by growers of trees, outdoor plants, and pot plants. AP Holland supplies convertible greenhouses with both a glass roof and a plastic roof.

Looking for maximum return on investment in greenhouse horticulture?