Fine-tune your cultivation strategy with the best screen installation

Screen installations used for covered cultivation have come a long way. A modern screen installation can be used multifunctionally: to save energy, to keep out excess sunlight, to distribute light optimally, or to create darkness in the greenhouse. Two or even three horizontal screens on top of each other and vertical (gable) screens provide even more flexibility in managing your crop.

AP Holland is familiar with all requirements for screen installations in modern cultivation. We can offer you tailor-made solutions matching your requirements. We work with our specialist partners to develop a concept that is a perfect fit for your crop. The latest technical development of retracting the screen cloth at a later stage ensures that the installation fits in seamlessly with the planning of the other turnkey components.

Cultivate more efficiently with

Energy-saving screens

Even though the greenhouse horticulture sector has significantly reduced the amount of energy it consumes, state-of-the-art screens can still provide major savings.

A closed screen can reduce energy consumption by up to 75%. The development of more and more high-quality fabrics ensures it is possible to grow even more energy-efficiently – while maintaining the deep radiation that is essential for many crops.

Playing with light

Shading and diffusing screens

Light is necessary for photosynthesis. But too much light prevents optimal growth.

The right type of screen prevents the light from being too intense.  Too intense light often results in burnt crops and unpleasant working conditions for your employees. You can also use the screens to 'play' with light: by converting direct light into diffuse light, the light penetrates the crop deeper and thus increases efficiency.

No light at all

Blackout screens

Do you have a crop that needs to be in the dark for part of the day? Ensure that no rays of light enter the greenhouse at all.

Light emission screens are the ideal solution to prevent light pollution in more densely populated areas. It is essential that they are installed correctly.

Vertical screens

To achieve the ideal screen installation for saving energy or creating darkness in your greenhouse, horizontal and vertical screens need to be seamlessly combined. AP Holland uses smart rolling screens to maximize the effectiveness of your installation.

Multi-layered screens

Want to make sure you have all the added benefits?

Using multi-layered screens can help you in fine-tuning your cultivation strategy to the last detail. AP Holland can be of help in introducing you to smart solutions.

Looking for maximum return on investment in greenhouse horticulture?