Tailor-made irrigation systems for all crops

Irrigation, a key element of every greenhouse horticultural project. In an effective irrigation system, watering and controls for dispensing nutrients go hand in hand. AP Holland is specialized in the construction of various installations. Drip irrigation is ideal for giving plants exactly the right amount of fertilizer and trace elements. It is also possible to re-use water and nutrients.

The engineering of the irrigation system is essential; the circuit is calculated based on the size of the departments of your greenhouse. A drip irrigation system also needs to be maintenance-free and have a long life span. Knowledge in this field is precisely what sets a specialist like AP Holland apart from the rest.

Save costs with

UV disinfection of drainage water

Want to re-use the drainage water? Well, you can – provided it is properly disinfected first. AP Holland can help you arrange this thanks to our advanced UV disinfection units. The water flows through the installation and is consequently disinfected using the correct dosage of UV light.

This is a proven technique that effectively kills pathogens in drainage water. You save on fertilizer expenses and – more importantly – you also save up to 40% of water, which might become scarce in the future.

Water storage

Is there a lack of good irrigation water in your area? Or do you want certainty in periods of prolonged drought. These periods may occur more and more frequent in the future. At AP Holland, we are also experts in customized water storage solutions. You can easily store a large volume of your 'own' water in basins, silos, and tanks – or even underground.

We can supply a tailor-made basin based on the size of your greenhouse and the water requirements of your crop. Need less water? Then a prefab tank is the ideal solution, especially if you don't have much room on site. Thanks to their robust construction, these tanks can withstand the hottest summers and coldest winters.

Looking for maximum return on investment in greenhouse horticulture?